Boxing God

Boxing God by John Ellis

Full length, Autobiographical Drama, Cast: 1 man, Flexible Set/Found Space


Booking John Ellis: $300 per performance with contract stipulations.

Performance Rights: $50 per performance with contract stipulations.

Special Note:

Boxing God is written as a one man show that includes audience interaction. Written to be performed in living rooms, coffee shops, and small theatre spaces, the show is easily staged in a variety of found spaces. Audience size should be limited to no more than thirty per performance; although fifteen or under is ideal.


Boxing God’s protagonist, John, was born and raised in the world of independent, fundamental Baptist churches and schools. Rejecting the God of his pastor father and Christian schoolteacher mother, John entered adulthood as an avowed atheist. After spending years running and fighting God, John finds himself trapped in a moment of spiritual conviction and turmoil. In Boxing God, John tells his story to the audience, pleading and arguing with them as he makes a case for why he’s better off without God. The play’s final moment will shock some, dismay many, and provoke thought in all, leading to a discussion led by the host of each performance after John’s final exit.

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